Thursday, January 27

What I would've said

I had something nauseatingly kitschy and cute written in a vein attempt to showcase the photos below. I felt like I needed to disguise my true intentions. What I really wanted to say was: Look! I took these photos all by myself! The fact that I spent 45 minutes laying flat down on the floor and took 100 shots of berries is ridiculous. But I did. And you know what? I loved. every. single. second. of it!

I'd also really like to tell you that I'm absolutely falling in love with photography. I cannot stop thinking about it and I'm excited by how much I've taught myself over the past couple weeks.

I was also thinking about just coming right out and admitting how immensely proud I am of myself for taking these photos and stating boldly that even though I know they aren't perfect, I am in love with each and every one of them.

I mean, that's what I would've said. If I were going to write the post in that way.

Oh wait, I guess I just did.
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