Friday, January 28

How do you indulge yours?

Facebook stalking, eating expensive chocolate, shopping sprees?

How do you indulge in your guilty pleasure?

We all have 'em...the things you know you shouldn't love but just can't help being addicted to (*cough* Jersey Shore *cough*)

I'm currently getting my Masters in Publishing (Magazine and Digital Media) here in London. In addition to completing a 20,000 word dissertation, we are responsible for creating, designing, and launching a publication. My group and I have decided to create Guilty Pleasure, the magazine filled with low brow culture for the high brow crowd. With articles like "Diary of a Facebook stalker" and "Will and Kate's Big Fat Gypsy Wedding", we are taking a tongue-in-cheek, satirical look at all the things we just can't help loving.

While it is primarily for educational purposes only, the magazine WILL be distributed in large quantities around the University and used for future purposes, so we are required to be legit and legal about it.

This means no pulling images off Google and no loading all of December's blog entries and pretending their real content. I don't think I can create a 40 page magazine filled entirely with pictures of Snooki, me drinking red wine, and chocolate. Unfortunately.

This is where you come in! (Shameless self promotion and merciless beginning on my hands and knees begins now- This is your warning - Proceed with caution)

Our magazine needs you. If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer, photographer, or illustrator, please let me know! So whether to love to write, illustrations are a hobby, you're really into satirical humor and pop culture, or you just want to be a nice person and help a sista out, this is your chance to jump on board!!! While I can only pay you in my love, admiration, and shots of tequila, this is the perfect opportunity for you to bolster your own professional portfolio.

So immediately after you finish reading this post, head over to our magazine's website: Guilty Pleasure Magazine to learn more information about how you can be a part of our team. If you like what you see, you can also find us on Twitter @Guilt_Pleasure. (Just think, that means you'd get twice the amount of Marie in your daily newsfeed. Now who wouldn't want that?!)


Disclaimer: This project is for educational purposes only. While our group will be creating a business model involving advertising revenue and sponsorships, Guilty Pleasure Magazine will not be receiving any monetary funds during this process. I repeat: I, nor anyone else involved with this project, will be affiliated with any forms of monetization. Technically, since we paid tuition, we're actually paying to do it. This makes us sad. and broke. very very broke.

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