Monday, January 17

Bow Down

Seriously....would you LOOK at that dress?!

the open back, the upswept hair, the jewelry. I can't even function. I just can't. It is absofreakinglutely amazing.

Thank you, Eva Longoria for stepping it up and most importantly, classing it up. It is nice to know in this Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga, leggings as pants kind of world we live in that someone understands you don't need to shave your head, show your va-jay-jay, or wear a dress made out of meat to make a statement during Awards Season.

and I think we all know what statement you're making to a one mister Tony Parker right about now. Work. it. girl.

Eva, you've brightened my day. Because until I started scrolling through my gossip blog roll, it was one of those days.

Ohhhh you know the sort. Those days where it's probably best you just stay inside for fear you might kick a puppy or small child if you venture out into public?

Well today is one of those days for me. As I lay awake last night, googling "why are birds chirping outside at 2:30am*" (yes, that was my actual search term. and yes, it was actually 2:30 in the morning), I just knew today would be a bad day. By 4am, the foxes started getting frisky outside again and I "accidentally" kicked Sean so he would "accidentally" wake up so I could ask him: When exactly did London become Jumanji?!

On top of that I have this cough. This hacking, can't lay down without choking on my own breath, want to puncture my lung just to make it stop, cough. I have night time cough medicine I've been taking and let me tell you, this shit is bananas. It makes me feel like I am in college and partied a little too hard....but doesn't solve the cough. So now I am waking up every morning with a hangover and nothing to show for it but an empty bottle of cough medicine and an impregnated fox in my backyard.

But tomorrow morning will be different. Tomorrow I will wake up, wipe away the haze from the night's drug-enduced cough coma, bid adieu to the knocked up wildlife dry humping outside my window and face the day with gumption.

Because somewhere out there, I know there is a Zac Posen black fishtail gown meant for me. (or at least a knock off version that will trickle it way down to Nordstroms eventually)

*and in case you are wondering, according to my middle-of-the-night research, the birds are chirping at 2 am for two reasons. 1: They think it's mating season. Someone forgot to tell them that the 55 degree weather outside is not a sign of Spring. It's still January. It's just a sign of global warming. 2: Over the past 5 years, birds have begun chirping to one another in the quiet hours (i.e. when everyone is sleeping) because they cannot compete with the typical city noises happening at busier times of the day

So to make a long story short, the lesson of the day is that we need to be quieter. and nicer to our planet. The end. (Oh, and track down that gown and buy it for me. Because let's be honest, that's the real moral of this little tale anyway)
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