Sunday, November 28

That time I ran 11 miles and took an ice bath...

This weekend has been a big one for my marathon training. While I don't want to use the blog to monitor every single run, it's important for me to mark the major milestones and my long run on Saturday is one of them.

I am officially in double digit land.

11 miles. woop woop.

For the numerically inclined out there, my stats are as follows:

Time: 1:31:15
Average Pace: 8:17
Fastest Pace: 7:45 <-- that was during Mile 11! I could brag about maintaining negative splits, but in reality I had to pee really badly so running faster was simply a necessity.

For the normally inclined out there, my daily routine was as follows:
  • 10:00 am- wake up

  • 11:45 am- finally get out of bed and into running clothes

  • 12:00 pm- ask Sean to gently nudge me out the door, otherwise I wasn't going

  • 1:00 pm- 6.5 miles done, 4.5 miles left to go. (Why the hell did I sign up for a marathon!?)

  • 2:00 pm- arrive home to begin ice bath insanity

  • 4:00 pm- starting to feel like a human being again. Need hydration. in form of beer.

  • 5:30 pm- drink pints at the pub while kicking Sean's butt in checkers. (what's that? oh, you didn't realize we are actually 87 years old?)

  • 7:00 pm- eat a calzone the size of my head. and Sean's pasta. and garlic bread. and chocolate. and wine. (oh yeah, now I remember THAT'S why I signed up for a marathon!)

Okay, enough of that. I think it's time we get to the nitty gritty. The Ice Bath. The dreaded, God forsaken, crazy ice bath.

I've created a video for everyone on my experience so you need to watch it. I'm not even going to ask you nicely, I'm just straight up telling you: YOU BETTER WATCH IT. I don't know how regular video bloggers handle it. I spent about 15 hours trying to put it together and after several attempts of zipping, compressing, and filing the darn thing, YouTube refused to play it because of music copyright infringement. (Well, Sony Records, here I am. If you want to take down this little blogger over 30 seconds of Mariah Carey then so be it)

I sneakily tried to upload it directly onto my blog but realized Google owns both my blog host AND YouTube so they wouldn't allow it on here either. Touché, Google. You may have won that battle, but you didn't win the war.

Instead, I rerouted it through Facebook. HA! Success. Facebook allowed me to embed it on here and it works. For now. So to put it mildy: WATCH IT NOW. OR ELSE. (pretty please???)

Overall, the ice bath experience wasn't too bad. On the list of Fun Ways to Spend Your Saturday, I certainly wouldn't put it at #1, but it was manageable. I woke up this morning feeling great. None of the typical soreness that accompany my long runs and the pain of the initial ice shock was nothing but a distant memory.

Think of it like drinking. When you have a hangover and you're puking your brains out, you swear you'll never do it again. But inevitably, the next weekend rolls around and you're bellied up to the bar buying a round of kamakazi shots for everyone.

Well, that's me. Except next weekend, I'll be belly up to the bathtub. Or maybe belly up in the bathtub? Wait, does that mean I'm dead? Gah. Either way, next Saturday I'll be chillin in a tub full of ice again. (Get it? Chillin? I'm freaking hilarious)


Jacky said...

Great video! Lots of credit to you, I can't even imagine!!! Good luck training for your marathon :)

Ashley said...

You just made my weekend! You are hysterical! xoxo

VL said...

You have lost your mind. I experienced the weather as it was on Saturday morning in London. First you ran in it. Then this? CRAZY.

Tara said...

Too funny Marie!! And congrats on making it to the double digits. Your next task will be to actually fill that tub up high enough so that your quads get completely submerged!! :)

I can tell you from experience that the ice bath does help a lot. When I played soccer in college, the ice bath was my best friend!! It will get easier and you will actually look forward to them :) Keep up the great work!

Linda said...

Good job! Your knees were purple.!!!!!! We are proud of u running the 11 miles. We turned down the volume on the swears!

Geneviève said...

You are friggen amazing!! I literally laughed out loud during that video!! Thanks for posting!!

Pietro said...

Geez..I did not think Europeans are that crazy. Oh I forgot you're adopted now. LOL

Kori said...

Woww. WOWWW. Good thing you had that tequila on hand.

Kat said...

I am SO impressed that you managed to find a way to embed that video. Anytime I try to do something technologically-minded with The Blog, it always ends up being an Ordeal.

Way to rock the ice bath - I need to try that after my long runs!

Laura Georgina said...

Eeeep! I would be swearing that much... and more. But I still love this, even if saying I love it means I derived enjoyment from your suffering.

But at least now I'll have a reason to buy tequila for medical purposes (when I get back to double digits, that is!) Tequila and tea--you are my hero.

Vassili Shields said...

That was hilarious. Please sing Mariah Carey Christmas songs to me when you come home to visit!

Jennifer said...

hahahaha. I miss you Marie! You need to post more videos. Perhaps some walking around your school to show us your side of the pond?

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for a while, but this is my 1st comment. I guess that may mean this post right here is popping my Quartelife Quandary cherry!

Kudos to you for submerging yourself in a bathtub full of ice & of course for running 11 miles! I admire both! I'm totally not a runner so even single digit miles are impressive in my book & I've certainly never willing put myself in a tub of ice cubes, nor do I plan to at any time in my future! If you could also tell your friend Tequila to be nicer to me than our last times together I would appreciate that! Also, do you plan on releasing a cover album of songs after you complete your marathon?

Good luck with the continuing marathon training & hope those ice baths get easier!

Faithful reader from Ohio~

Marie said...

Thanks everyone!!! I appreciate the comments! I realized about 30 minutes after posting it how ridiculous it was. I turned to Sean and asked "did I really just put a video of myself singing Mariah Carey in the bath tub on the Internet?!?!?!" :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching double digits!

Ice baths suck. It might be a little easier to sit in the bath while Sean pours the ice in the tub...that's how I roll.

Maggie Dinan said...

Hey Marie ,

So i've quit the facebook, just tumbling now... its a life changer! ANY HOW ..i needed somewhere to tell you. I did the ice bath !!!! I am running the disney marathon in January and after watching your video i was inspired to try it. I ran 22 miles on Saturday, came home and sat in my tub. With a huge sweatshirt and a entire pot of tea ( i skipped the tequila) ! Thanks for posting this because it honestly saved my life. For some reason I have never done this in training and it made all the difference. After most long runs i can barely walk and with the ice bath I had almost no sorenesss. Keep it up and you will rock the barcelona marathon !

Also btw made your dream bars ... they were no where near as good looking as yours. i must have needed the digestives.

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