Tuesday, November 9

The first of many 29th birthdays!

A certain someone has a birthday today...but he swears this is only the first of many, many, many years of being 29. We've both decided we are never going to turn 30, we'll just stay young and fresh in our twenties instead.

(Doesn't he look AMAZING for 29!? just look at that skin! It must be all the botox)

Happy happy Birthday to the man who....

is always up for a new adventure

makes me laugh even when I'm so angry I want to scream

never gets annoyed that I spend 8394022804 hours on the Internet

knows how to enjoy the best things in life

is my copilot on this crazy journey

never takes himself too seriously

taught me how to drink a Guinness properly

can beat girls and 12 year olds at cornhole

has the biggest heart of anyone I know

and will conquer the world someday, I'm sure of it

To the my official race photographer, Team Grefans coach, cooking partner, blog editor, fellow beer drinker, biggest supporter, and the man who makes me the happiest I've ever been...(cue barfing and gagging from audience now)

HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY SEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Thank you for turning 29 first. By comparison, being 26 isn't so shabby after all ;) (I'm kidding I'm kidding. I cannot wait to be as old and wise as you dear Sean)


Sean said...

Thank you dear!

Preppy in Polka Dots said...

Awww how cute.

Genesis said...

Happy Birthday Sean.

great stare-down picture with the baby.

Lauren said...

So CUTE!! Have a great day, Sean!

Betsy said...

a) you guys are the sweetest
b) i think i really like the top you're wearing in the copilot photos
c) cornhole is HARD dammit!
d) happy birthday sean!

Rachel Wilkerson said...

<3 so cute! Have a fun celebration!!

VL said...

This just makes me really excited to meet BOTH of you in London. I think we're really going to have a fun time. A fun fun time. Happy birthday Sean - one day late.

Kyle said...

Leg as an air guitar FTW!!!

eatmovewrite.com said...

haha. I keep saying my next birthday (29) is my last. Honestly, though, and maybe this is because I'm getting older, and hubby is already in his 30s, but 30 doesn't sounds so old now. Maybe that means I'm getting old! Bah!

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