Sunday, November 14

Wordless weekend (okay so I used a few words, but you get the gist)

Old, cranky ladies in the 1800s used to say Children are to be seen and not heard. Sometimes the saying is true for bloggers as well. So take a gander at our pictures from this weekend's adventures. I know they say your pictures should tell a story, but after an hour playing around with my stupid iPhoto, Picasa, and Blogger, I am about .2 seconds away from throwing my laptop out of the window, so these pictures aren't in any sequential order really...In fact, I will let you infer your own stories from these photos. Get creative with it.

For documentation purposes all photos were taken at: St. Paul's Cathedral, Galvin Bistrot de Luxe, Marble Arch, City of Westminster (section of central London), The George Pub

Other weekend events not shown: me eating an entire bar of Cadbury Caramel chocolate, running 9 miles on Saturday morning, the sausage and ricotta pizza we had last night for dinner, the fact that its 4:48pm here and I'm still in my pajamas (you don't want to see a picture of that. trust me)


Genesis said...

great pictures. especially with that bride just chillin on the steps.

Kat said...

I, personally wish that the Cadbury bar had been included ;)

That bride on the steps was really something.

Marie said...

hahaha Kat, that dress is hideous- you can say it...I certainly did! :)

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