Saturday, November 27

Stay Tuned

I am going for an 11 mile run today and then I am attempting my first ice bath.

I am also going to video tape it for posterity's sake.

The video (or is it a vlog? I'm not that cool to know the difference yet) will feature me, a bathtub full of ice, tequila, and a rocking soundtrack from the mid 1980s.

Get excited. Get very excited.

Until mine is ready, please enjoy this tasty delight.

Don't worry. I will not gag myself with a washcloth. I am hardcore. I will scream obscenities at Sean instead. I also won't wear a bathing suit. This isn't the Bahamas girlfriend. This is a serious athletic endeavor. We wear sweatshirts from Victoria Secret's PINK collection instead.

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Kat said...

Girl, you give us all hope. Good luck with the ice bath, and thank you for not pretending that it's the Bahamas. I never understand why one would wear a bikini in ice.

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