Wednesday, September 8

Sorry I'm not sorry

I jumped on the blog bandwagon for tonight's post. There's somewhat of a "movement" floating around the blogosphere, that all started from the empowering blogger, Rachel Wilkerson. . Truth be told, I found out about the movement while blogstalking one of my favorite bloggers, Caitlin at The Twenty Fifth Year. (How many more times do you think I can use blog in this paragraph? I've already done it 6 times. blog blog bloggity blog)

I like the idea behind this little ditty. It's about "owning it" and standing up for who you are and what you believe in. It's about saying "Sorry, I'm not sorry". Too often, women in particular, are expected to act a certain way in public or behave in one manner or another. I have so many friends of mine who are constantly apologizing for things. Things that are in no way, shape, or form remotely their faults, but they don't want to burden people, they don't want to offend people, they don't want to seem demanding or rude or selfish or whatever the case may be.

So, I've been sitting on this idea for a few days now, unsure of whether I wanted to put it out there or not. However, today I was feeling particularly persnickety (an absolute favorite vocabulary word of mine) and thought today is the day I will own it.

Now, I've always prided myself on being somewhat of an acquired taste. I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I'm opinionated. I'm much better at leading than following. I will tell you exactly what I'm thinking and I'm not always good with social graces...and what better place to get the ball rollin than here. Sorry but I'm not sorry. I own my opinions and I stand behind them. I take pride in the fact that I'm willing to stand up for what I believe in.

I did not think The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was really that good. In fact, I thought it was bad. I couldn't stand the writing style and I thought the actual plot line was completely convoluted. While I do own it (as in literally. I paid for it. It's sitting on my bookshelf), Sorry, I'm not sorry.

I am moving to London in 2 weeks. I quit my job, my safe and secure job. My job that had benefits and a retirement plan. I quit it all to move 3,000 miles away, to go grad school, to pursue my dreams of traveling and writing. I've felt guilty about it for a while now. It's irresponsible, it's risky, it's not a house in the suburbs and a kid on the way like most people our age...but the guilt stops here. Will I miss my friends and family? certainly. Am I nervous? ha. now THAT'S understatement of the year. Am I sorry? No. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

I watch an obscene amount of television. I know people who not only go without cable, they go without a tv all together. Not only do I have cable, but I also have HBO, DVR, and a day by day schedule of shows I enjoy watching. I freaking love the Real Housewives. Danielle Staub catfighting with Teresa? in a 2 part reunion special? Bring. it. on. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

Errrr. Okay, I'm nervous to admit this next one for fear of alienating a lot of readers, but just go back to point #1 if you're offended...I can't stand the nauseating and overly personal baby statuses all over Facebook. I do not want to know how many centimeters you are dilated (true story. daily updates of a your vagina? um, no thank you.) Sorry I am NOT Sorry

Sometimes I eat ice cream twice in one day. It's summertime. It's okay. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Sometimes I obsess over the fact that I ate ice cream twice in one day and spend the day feeling guilty about it. I'm not proud of it, but I own it.

I am both inspired and intimidated by other bloggers. The sheer number of talented writers floating out there in cyberspace is staggering. I allow my seeds of envy over their blogs to root themselves inside myself and use them to nurture my own growing passion for writing. They feed my even though jealousy and intimidation = bad, turning all that negativity into something postive = good. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

Woo. I'm wiped. I think that is enough for today. Oprah and Dr. Phil called while I was writing this, they are worried about the level of sensitive talk I'm taking on here.

What about you? I hope this post gets you thinking the way Rachel and Caitlin did for me. I'd love to hear what you think.

What do you own? What are you not sorry for?


Julie said...

amen to that girlfran. i'm SO not sorry that i will watch housewife marathons on my death bed. bravo tv has my soul as does every other reality show on this earth. i'm so NOT sorry haha

Preppy in Polka Dots said...

ohhhhh mariesha....i love you.

Becca said...

love it!!!I'm not sorry that I hated my 6 figure job and now I have student loans up the ass for culinary school! I love it and have never been happier!

Cori said...

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry that I posted (when I was young and prob. wouldn't do it again.) that I was 2 cm dilated. Lol :) You shouldn't feel bad for having an opinion.

Marie said...

hahaha thanks Cori! Becca- I'm with you! Julie- thanks for following! Kym- of course I Love you too!

Lizzy said...

I truly love these posts- I'm so inspired to write my own. I love everything you wrote- my favorite line: "I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I'm opinionated. I'm much better at leading than following. I will tell you exactly what I'm thinking and I'm not always good with social graces...and what better place to get the ball rollin than here. Sorry but I'm not sorry."
I do the exact same thing. And I also watch an obsene amount of tv. I can't control myself. Housewives are the painful its good!

Marie said...

Thanks Lizzie! You should definitely write one- it's like therapy!

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