Thursday, September 30

London Bridge is falling down...falling down...falling down...

okay no it isn't.

but it's the first thing I think of when I hear the word London. Well that and Harry Potter. Whenever I say Harry Potter, I imagine Dumbledore or Snape saying "Haaaarry Pottaaah"in that voice. You know the voice, my fellow HP fans.

The next few days are going to be crazy. I just had my first day of school and I hoped that planning the perfect outfit would be my biggest challenge. I think not. I already have a project due tomorrow! I am hesitant to write too much about everything happening there. You know...privacy, my future career, and whatnot, but I will tell you this: We get a tea break everyday. for real. It's like recess for British adults.

I also found out my dissertation is due 3 days after my wedding. woops. (P.S. inquiring minds wanted to know what I wore on my first day. This is it. and sadly, no, this isn't our flat. I wish. We are staying with friends until ours is available.)

We are supposed to move in tomorrow, but we've had TWO realtors gone missing and a property already taken from under us, so I won't believe it until I pee in the toilet. (I'm sorry, that was a little crude of me. It's 11:20pm here and I'm tired and cranky, plus I like the soothing rhythm it provided). Rumor has it we won't have internet for the next few days. We've borrowed our friends super duper fancy mobile Internet USB stick, so I will do my best to post pictures of the flat once it's looking halfway decent.

Until then, please mind the gap (which, coincidentally, doesn't mean AT ALL what I thought it did. I always thought mind the gap was this completely enlightened theoretical phrase. Turns out, it means something akin to "don't fall in the crack between the subway and the platform"). In the meantime, some updates for you:

1. They weren't kidding when they said it rained here. Burberry isn't famous for its trench coats for no reason.
2. Yesterday I saw a man in drag shopping for fruit at a market. Oddly, I felt more at home. It was like being in downtown Boston.
3. Sean and I figured out how to sneak the system and get a US phone # here in the UK! For $50 a year, we bought a Boston phone number on when people call us, it calls Skype. We set up Skype to forward all calls to my cell phone...hence therefore, our friends and family call this 617 # and get my mobile in London. nifty eh? Gotta love the internet.
4. I love Cadbury chocolate more than life itself. It is a serious problem. Brits have a term, "the Heathrow Injection" meaning once you move to London, you gain a bunch of weight. Ummmm, at this point if you tried to poke a needle anywhere in me, I'm pretty sure milk chocolate would come pouring out by the buckets.
5. Girls still don't wear pants.

Cheers, mates! See you in our new flat!


Gerry said...

i want recess too but I might go for a cosmo!

Kat said...

I've only just joined Skype, so I don't know a ton about it, but you get a gold star for rigging up that clever solution for calling friends and family via your phone!

I would kill for a tea break every day.

Betsy said...

first day of school outfit is KEY no matter how old you are!

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