Sunday, September 26

Hellooooo London! Cheerio!

We've only been in London for 2 days now and loving every minute of it! We are tired and a bit overwhelmed, temporarily living out of suitcases and getting accustomed to so many new customs. I am learning quite a lot and school hasn't even started yet. Did you know British currency has something like 8 different coins?!

A few things I've learned so far:
1. Girls do not wear pants
. Seriously. It is like wading through a sea of leggings and Lindsay Lohans. At one point yesterday, Sean looked around and remarked, "You're going to learn to love leggings I think". I'm scared. What's a girl to do?

2. The food is absolute shit. Sorry for the swear Mom (or should I say Mum?) but it is true. However, what they lack for in main courses they make up for in desserts and chocolate. Ladies and Gentleman, I enter Exhibit A:
To. Die. For. Sean got me hooked on European Cadbury chocolate when he was living in Dublin. He'd bring some home in his suitcase on visits and hide it on me until I was particularly grumpy or moody and he'd whip it out in a feat of heroism. It always worked. I don't know why this chocolate is so superior but it puts Hershey to shame. It is so rich and creamy and milk chocolatey delicious.

Exhibit B comes from our first dinner in London last night: Aren't I an awesome food blogger? That's all you're going to get so please use your imagination. It was "Apple Fritelli with Amaretto Ice Cream", basically cinnamon sugar coated donut hole goodness with apple jelly and Amaretto flavored ice cream. I think I inhaled it so quickly cinnamon sugar went up my nose at one point.

My diet is definitely going to change while I'm here. I think instead of eating dinners of British food I don't really like, I'm just going to skip straight to dessert. Chocolate mousse for an appetizer followed by a main course of strawberry cheesecake with a brownie on the side? okay! I could always go eat here if I get really desperate:
Do you know I've never eaten KFC before? Or Taco Bell? How ironic would it be if I moved to a foreign country only to develop an obsession with greasy, disgusting, American fast food. hmmmm......I think not. I won't lie though; it did smell pretty fantastic when we walked by late last night.

3. Japanese girls love Mr. Bean. When we were walking near Trafalgar Square yesterday, we saw a huge crowd of Japanese tourists freaking out and waving frantically at someone. It turns out Mr. Bean is filming his latest movie and we had walked next to the set. I've never watched any of his movies, so I wasn't nearly as excited as these girls were; now if Jude Law happened to stumble across my path, well, that's a different story.

In other news, we got to move into our new flat early!!! Here's a picture of the outside:
Juuuuuust kidding. That's Buckingham Palace and someone already lives there. Not to mention the rent cost is astronomical. A girl can dream though right?

Taking pictures in a new place is always so funny. Everything is exciting and photo worthy and its remarkable how many pictures of buildings you will take. I have over 100 photos from this weekend and I'd say 90 percent of them are of buildings around London. Why? Am I going to frame them? Is there a large architectural following out there who are dying to see them? I'm not sure, but here a few of the better ones. I'm going to go so I can take off my pants and eat chocolate. Maybe these Londoners are onto something...


Living on the Spectrum said...

Marie, that is Rowan Atkinson! I'd scream like a Japanese girl too, if I saw him. He's a brilliant actor. If you find yourself strolling around Cardiff and happen to spot the TARDIS, then you know you've hit the big time in celebrity stalking because Matt Smith (aka Doctor Who) is sure to be somewhere nearby. Send some Aero Bars my way - Christmas is coming!

Linda said...

So does that mean that there is plenty of room to stay when we all come over to visit? Don't forget to bring some chocolate back to NH? We loved the phone booth picture. Hmmmleggings,

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you're going to have an amazing time in London! And a girl should always dream :-)

Preppy in Polka Dots said...

Please for the love of the fashion gods--stand true to your beliefs on leggings.

Love the photos and can't wait to hear more about your expat lifestyle!!!

VL said...

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? Leggings? Yikes.

Becca @Start Over From Scratch said...

Cadbury chocolate is amazing!!! Yum! Looks like you're having a fabulous time already! I want to see a tour of the flat! When does school start?

xojmo said...

Cadbury rules! Nothing is more dangerous (I mean besides pickpocketers) down in the Tube stations than those Cadbury vending machines. AND they sell Mini Eggs all year round. Not just at Easter like here in America. Boo America!

Have fun in London!

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