Tuesday, September 14

I'm a bad blogger

I could say absence makes the heart grow fonder...and that my sporadic posting (and by sporadic, I mean complete lack thereof) the past few days was part of my grand scheme to make you fall in love with me and Quarterlife Quandary all over again...but that's just simply untrue.

I am a bad blogger lately and I am going to continue to be one this evening. BUUUUTTTT...But I have a good excuse. They say having a baby puts a big strain on relationships. Well, Sean and I are having a baby. A "we are moving to London and our realtor is a scumbag so our flat fell through and now we will be homeless and I own too many clothes and have no conceivable way of packing them into a few suitcases" baby. It's a girl.

Editor's note: Please make sure you read that entire paragraph very carefully. In fact, please go back and read it again just to make sure you fully understand my point. We aren't actually having a baby. It's a metaphorical baby. The only baby I will be having is the beer baby my stomach is developing due to the massive amounts of Shipyard Pumpkin Ale I've been consuming.

Right now, this is what I'm dealing with:
and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I can't post any more pictures of my apartment right now or you'd probably stop being my friend forever. Or you'd report Sean and I to Social Services for cruelty against ourselves. Mom- I'm sorry you even have to see this picture. It is very difficult to pack my entire wardrobe into these three suitcases, so instead I've settled on throwing all the clothes into the corner and hoping they'll pack themselves.

So I am going to be the lazy blogger and let you enjoy some pictures Sean and I took yesterday. We spent the day walking around the city, taking in our favorite neighborhoods and saying goodbye to Boston. Keep your fingers crossed Sean and I get a new flat quickly otherwise I will be absent from this blog even LONGER because I'll be flying across the Atlantic a week early to price out fancy cardboard boxes along the Thames for us to live in.

Items of note:
1. Did you notice my wardrobe change halfway thru? This is what happens to me. I buy things and have an immediate need to put them on. Sean and I found this amazing vintage store at the SOWA Market yesterday and I found that fabulous tan sweater for $35! Only thing better than that is the $25 haircut I got. Therefore, I needed to put it on at once. Plus, I really really liked it.

2. If you aren't from the Boston area, Regina's Pizza is my homeboy. I love that place so freaking much. This is also why I could never be a food blogger. I like greasy cheesy pizza way too much. Same goes for beer.

3. Sean is the great photographer behind most of these. Thanks for the new Facebook profile picture boo!


Julie said...

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way that sweater is pretty fab.

Marie said...

haha you wouldn't believe how many people misunderstood that part. I had some explaining to do over FB. Thanks about the sweater! I'm obsessed with it! even if it does smell a little old man-ish!

Caitlin said...

Outfit change or not, you look absolutely gorgeous, relaxed and carefree here. Stunning.

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