Friday, March 26

To Market, To Market...

I realized last night I would be a terrible food blogger. I don't know how those food blogging enthusiasts do it. Why? Because I like to eat my food WAY more than I enjoy photographing it. To be more specific, I ravage it the instant it arrives at the table (well, technically, the second EVERYONE gets their meals at the table. I may be an animal, but at least one with etiquette), which is quickly followed by "crap! I forgot to take a picture of it!"

This happened no less than 4 times last night when I went to dinner at Market. It's Restaurant Week in Boston which is one of my favorite things to do around the city. Every year, the best and trendiest (and, as it so often translates, most expensive) restaurants open their doors to the masses by offering a 3 course Pre-fix menu for $33.10.

Market is in the new ultra-swank W Hotel in the theatre district and has been getting rave reviews all over the blog world for months when its name on the Restaurant Week list, I quickly made plans to go and was so excited to get reservations. super. duper. excited. In the interest of full disclosure, I may or may not have memorized the entire menu and known EXACTLY what I was going to get since February.

(this photo courtesy of, I did not sneak into Market early and ask customers to leave so I could get an empty shot of the restaurant, maybe next time)

Ohhhhh Market. How I love thee. They did not disappoint! First of all, I should mention the highlight of the evening came not from the hands of Jean-Georges (Market's creator and Head Chef) but by the doings of one Mr. Sean G, my fabulous and loving bf. Knowing his girlfriend SO well, Sean managed to call ahead (FROM IRELAND) to Market and have the first round of drinks covered by him. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? Yes I am tooting my own boyfriend's horn. Toot toot baby!

Marie + long, crappy day at work + free Lychee Raspberry Bellini = pure bliss

I failed miserably at photographing both the first and second courses...I ordered the black truffle and fontina cheese pizza for starters and the parmesan crusted chicken with artichokes in a lemon-basil butter for my entree. oh. my. deliciousness. The pizza was SO tiny it was adorable. This is the type of place where you have to use your utensils properly so it was really funny trying to cut up a pizza the size of a small coaster into bite size pieces with my fork and knife (but you'd be proud mom!) I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland, trying to eat the tiniest meal ever.

While we were going through the courses, we did manage to sneak in a bottle of red too:

(notice that I couldn't capture ANY of my food, but I certainly made sure to get pictures of the alcohol...where are my priorities?)

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, came the desserts. We had two options: Cheesecake with a Cherry Compote and Mango Sorbet or Warm Chocolate Lava cake with Vanilla Ice cream. Both sounded aaaaa-mazing. So naturally, Kym and I shared.
(When Sean called, he told them we were having a mini celebration for my upcoming birthday, since I'll be in Ireland for it instead of Boston like I usually am! again, sweetest boyfriend ever, no?)

All in all, I loved Market! While my salary won't allow me to probably ever have dinner there on a regular night, I will definitely swing back through for a cocktail or two (or three) this summer! Especially when my foodie other half is back in the States. It'll be MY turn to buy HIM a drink!
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