Monday, June 14

Where's Waldo?

Look at this lovely picture Sean and I took of ourselves at the Red Sox game this weekend:

notice anything strange about it? I'll give you a minute to study it...

do ya see it yet?

If you guessed the intensely creepy lady giving us a death stare in the background, you were right!!!

I don't know about you- but she looks ready to rumble. Perhaps she was a Phillies fan and was angry about how the dismal performance of her team? maybe she was jealous of Sean and I's insanely good looks? Is she one of Voldemort's dementors coming to steal away our happiness? (and yes, I did just reference Harry Potter. Don't act like you don't get it. or love it. I know you do.) In any case, I now have a ruined picture and a week's worth of nightmares.


Lori said...

Is Sean wearing a stud in his upper right ear??

VL said...

I saw your doppleganger in Arlington yesterday. Not only did she LOOK like you, but she was wearing the sweetest dress. Totally very you.

even though we haven't met, I'm very sure of this.

Marie said...

hahaha Lori- it looks like that doesn't it? but NO, most definitely NOT!!!

Victoria- thank goodness for this blog. We've clarified so many things on who I am and who I am not.

Sean said...

haha wow. No, that is some guys wrist watch sitting behind us.

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