Thursday, June 10

A day in the life....

I saw this on this fantastic blog I stumbled upon and totally stole the idea (with credit of course)

7:10- alarm goes off. hit snooze for 10 minutes. start planning day's outfit in my head.
7:20- alarm goes off again. for real this time. groan that I need a job that starts later.
7:45-8:30- multi-tasking at its finest. making the 45 minute commute to work while eating breakfast, doing makeup,and listening to Matty in the Morning (Mom and Dad, do not read this part. or maybe, go ahead and read it, and be proud I'm not talking on my cellphone?)
8:30- arrive at work.
8:31- sign into gchat. I cannot live without gchat. I swear it makes me more productive ;)
9:45- students helping me pack and clean my classroom. One boy tapes my "homework" sign to his shirt and starts asking girls in the class "Hey I'm your homework, wanna do me?"
9:46- I tell him to stop, because even though I find it hysterical, I don't want to get fired before the end of the school year.
9:47- I hear him whispering it to girls anyway
9:48- I assign the first detention of the day.
12:39-1:15- Lunch in the teacher's room. most hilariously awkward and uncomfortable place in the entire world. Its as if Michael from the Office, Marie Barone from Everyone Loves Raymond, and the kids in your 1st grade class who always used to pee themselves all became teachers and decided to eat lunch together.
3:07- School is out. Another day, another dollar on my baller teacher's salary.
4:00- go for a run. Garmin, have I told you lately that I love you? (you fill my life with gladness, take away all my sadness, ease my troubles thats what you dooooo)
5:00- Sweaty beast returns home in my place. Shower is priority numero uno
5:15- Stalking is priority numero dos. Blog stalking, facebook stalking, looking in my neighbors windows (just kidding on the last one...thats the wrong kind of stalking. creep.)
6:30- Sean and I make a delicious pizza. Spinach, mediterranean feta, garlic...yummm!I need to rehydrate after my run. Red wine has electrolytes and healing properties right?
9:00- watching and cheering for the Celtics/Lakers playoffs. from my couch. Last time Celtics were in the playoffs, I went to the bars for every game. Gosh, I'm old now.
9:01-11:01 DVRing RHofNY Reunion and Bethenny Getting Married. Sean loves me, but even the greatest love has limits and I think 2 hours of reality television with the Real Housewives might drive him to the brink of insanity.
9:45- eat chocolate? not eat chocolate?
9:46- eat chocolate? not eat chocolate? the battle rages on...
9:47- mmmmmm. I love chocolate.
11:05- going to bed. Not sure if Celtics win or not. Pizza, chocolate, red wine = food coma. I win. in the game of life.


VL said...

Let's trade days. 1. You worked out. 2. Your kids might be funnier. 3. You went to bed at 11:05. Good work.

Marie said...

yeah but you got muffins. and Rachel. you win.

Rachel said...

Ladies, ladies.

It sounds like your lunch buddies are significantly less cool. I like this schedule! Fun idea!

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