Friday, June 4

Color me mushy

This weekend marks a very important occasion: Sean comes home from Ireland! wahooooo!

In honor of ending many months of Skype dates, time differences, and an Atlantic ocean between us, I wanted to pay tribute to the awesomeness that is Sean and I's relationship (I'm pretty sure awesomeness is a word- it's in the dictionary next to bajillion and fo shizzle)

I was going to write a delightful narrative tale of how we met and fell in love, but I realized I think all of 4 people would actually want to read that (those people being me, myself, I and I'd hope Sean?). Therein lies the beauty of facebook.
Quick reference point: I've known Sean since my freshman year of college in 2002, but we only started dating when he was living in Ireland this past year (gotta love our timing, eh?)
Do you realize that facebook has saved the wall-to-wall conversations of Sean and I over the past 4 years? It also held onto a picture of us back from the Boston Marathon in 2004, one of my favorite Boston days EVER. You know those days, when the city is at your fingertips and everything cosmically aligns into this Ferris Bueller's Day Off-esque scenario? Yeah, it was one of those days.

We were just young pups in this picture. Silly college kids drinking too much learning a lot. Even though we went our separate ways after this day...him to Hawaii, me to Florida with both of us spending several years in other relationships, we both credit this day as "the" day we knew there was something more to this than just friendship (awww, cue romantic music, I'm blushing)

Now, 6 years later, we are older, wiser, smarter and still drinking too much. We are also still causing trouble and having ridiculous conversations via each other's facebook walls, but this time as a couple.

This past year has brought lots of adventures for us while we've rocked this long distance thing...trips all over Ireland and Italy. Christmas together in Boston. surviving the Volcano (damn you, Elkjisdijaiojfaif@!*&$(@#!!!!)...but I'm ready for the real thing. Lazy nights on the couch, fights over toothpaste, dinners in the same time know the stuff people do when they don't live on different continents.

Welcome Home dear :)

P.S. Is it too soon to start a "Honey-Do" list for him? I've got man things I need taken care of like lightbulbs and spiderwebs


VL said...

It's a really good thing that Rachel brought me up to speed on this whole "boyfriend" thing earlier today. Besides being black, I also assumed that you were single (I don't pay attention). That would have made for an awkward Thanksgiving when I tried to set you up with my friend, Dereck.

All awesome awkward things aside, I'm happy your BF is home. Put him to work. Rach can teach you how to make "honey-do" lists with POINTS. Sol loves 'em.

Marie said...

hahahahaha that is hilarious. and awesome. I forgot you thought I was black. I think that might be my favorite thing ever in my entire life.

Rachel has lots to teach me. She is a smart one.

Sean said...

That day at the Boston Marathon was definitely one of those perfect days. It just seemed to get better and better with all of the strange things that happened: we drank vodka and slush (from the NU calf) at a church in the back bay, made our way to Kenmore square where we joined an assisted living community to watch the marathon where we ran out of booze, they gave us Pepsi and cups but we wanted to know where the rum was. Then had a BBQ and played beirut with Brie Montey, the NU mail room staff and a marathon runner on the stoop of a back bay brown stone... the next story to blog should be about the Ball we went to, my seersucker suit, and you pouring a corona on my lap. That was also one of those perfect days.
Points turn chores into a game and establish a rating system where I hope I can establish a return!

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