Monday, June 14

Running Blues

In the car yesterday, Sean and I were debating what neurotic means. Both of us knew what it was but couldn't quite articulate it. So after a little google scavenger hunt, the following conversation ensued:

me: I think I'm neurotic! I joyfully explain once I've figured out what it actually means
Sean: uhhhh dear, I don't think thats a good thing... Sean shaking his head in concern

Before you write me off as certifiably insane, let me explain. I work much better with deadlines. Stress is my friend. We've had a close working relationship for about 20 years (I say that because I'm pretty sure the first 6 years of my life were relatively stress free. Then kindergarten kicked in and it became coloring within the lines and proper scissor form and I knew my lazy days of cartoon watching were over)

I'm having a bit of post race blues. I really really miss training for my half marathon. So much so that I want to run a full marathon, like tomorrow, just for the sake of training. When I was training, I got to make cool google calendars and eat a lot. Every long run was a new personal distance record so I'd walk around elated on my runner's high for the next 2 days. and now...

well, I'm in a running funk. Running 10 miles on a Sunday morning no longer seems like a motivational challenge, it just seems absurd. Especially now that there's a cute boy in my bed errrr, on my couch? (sorry Mom!) and no more intense running schedule inevitably means no more eating ice cream everynight and saying its "for the sake of my training". Major fail.

I think I need to take this opportunity to try some new things. My friend Kym and I figured out you can bounce around the city from free yoga session to free yoga session if you plan accordingly and weight lifting has always been a bit scary for me. Perhaps those will be my next challenges. In the meantime, I've also scheduled some smaller races to keep myself honest (and for the opportunity to "carboload" and eat lots of pizza the night before)

Upcoming Races:
June 27th- 7.5 miler
July 8th- 5k
July 27th- 10 miler

And in the spirit of all things running...and as a loving tribute to the Half Marathon I miss so much, the pictures from both the race officials and my parents are finally available!

okay, after repeatedly trying to upload them from my school computer which has been here since 1999 (making it so ancient it's half dead in computer years) and having both my gmail and blogger freeze, I will have to wait until after school. otherwise I may end up throwing the computer out of the 4th floor window in a fit of stubborn frustration and that wouldn't be setting a very good example for the kiddies now would it? so please, dear followers, hang tight and check back for Half Marathon picture post! In the meantime, enjoy the amazing photos of Jessica Simpson running

could she possibly put ANY more running accesories on? and I thought I had a problem. I also feel the need to post the obligatory "Jessica, what the heck happened to you, girl? I loved you" photo.
Come back to us. We'll take you and your chicken of the sea.


Heidi said...

you'd think with all her bling, she'd be able to afford some more stylish running clothes? maybe (i mean...not that i judge....srsly) came across your blog yesterday and absolutely adore it :)

Preppy in Polka Dots said...

I agree completely--I work so much better on a schedule and with structure. I need more of it in my life!

Also--we need to make our yoga schedule!!

Marie said...

haha Heidi- I judge and I agree. she looks ridiculous...thats also a lot of water bottles when she appears to be powerwalking?

glad you found me! :)

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