Monday, August 9



I'm sure you've noticed by now the blog has a new look. woo hoo! I wanted to take this time to update you on a couple of things:

1. Thank you so much to Rachel and Victoria for their making my blog look fabulous. After the months of neglect I've bestowed upon it, you saved our relationship. I'm pretty sure I heard my blog trash talking me to other blogs,it was ready to leave you are more than just blog designers, you are relationship counselors.

Side note- just in case I didn't make it explicitly clear by linking their blogs to mine and giving them a shout-out, you should go read their blogs as well. It's a toss up of what is cuter on Rachel's blog: her baby or the Gossip Girl inspired Blair Waldorf headbands she wears. Victoria is my first blog friend. We've never actually met but I feel like we know each other well. We are kindred spirits...except that she thought I was black. and single. (Neither of which are true by the way, just in case you are confused too.)

2. As many already know, I'm not actually in London yet. I'm still here in the good ole' US of A until the middle of September, but everything else in my blog's tagline is true. Let's just switch "in London" to "wine drinking" until September 23rd. deal?

3. My blog has guilt tripped me into continuing with Twitter. Don't you love my clever side title "Sometimes I twitter"? It's so appropriate because it's so very true. I don't like tweeting. What respectable 26 year old woman "tweets" anyway- am I a bluebird? But I will persevere. Twitter is the future, plus sometimes people give away free shit. (sorry for the swear Mom but crap or stuff just didn't have the same oomph in my creative process)

4. Be my friend. But more importantly, be my blog's friend. There are a couple ways so let me tell you how...see over in the right hand column? Go ahead, you can look...I'll wait here. Okay so if you scroll down you'll see options to follow me. Now doesn't that sound like a great idea? Who wouldn't want to follow me? I promise I won't bring you anywhere bad. I'll bring you to fun places like BerryLine for the most amazing frozen yogurt in the world or the bar for tequila (and who doesn't LOVE tequila?!). So go ahead and click that little button that says "Follow" and add me to your google reader while you're at it. That way when you are in a rush and sneakily trying to fit in your facebook stalking along with your blog stalking before your 9 am meeting, you don't have to go all over the internet searching for blogs. Just open your google reader and *bam* there I am. Lastly, comment. and comment. and comment again. Now I must admit, I read an embarrassing amount of blogs on a daily basis and I don't comment on most of them but I am making a pledge to change that and you should to. Don't just be a lurker. Come out into the light! Let's stop lurking together.

Okay my level of shameless self promotion has reached a nauseating level, even for myself, so I am going to end it on this note:

THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog, whether you comment or not. Thank you to all the people who read this and have made positive comments on my facebook and who have encouraged me to continue writing. You guys are the reason I've kept this up and you motivate me to continue it more and keep it growing. If it weren't for you guys, it'd just be me writing and calling Sean and my parents and making them read they thank you too.


Preppy in Polka Dots said...

Haha you don't even have to call me! I just yell at you and make you blog.

Also, didn't you say you would twitter 3 times a day and get a dress? What happened to that?

Rebecca said...

Yay I've been stalking! The blog look great!I can't wait for your adventures in london! I want to start a blog while I'm in culinary school just trying to figure out the logistics!

Marie said...

you definitely should Becca!!!! and Kym- I fail at twitter. I'm trying though, I'm trying.

Rachel said...

I missed this post somehow! I'm sure the blog thanks you, and I'm so grateful it will be there to keep us connected when you are on the other side of the ocean.

VL said...

YEAH blog friends! Can't wait to hang out in London - because that makes so much more sense since we haven't met stateside.

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