Monday, August 30

Happy 6 month anniversary QQ!

August marks my sixth month of blogging and that's a rather large feat for myself. While I'm certainly no Perez Hilton, I'd like to think I have a steady stream of readers and followers who enjoy my verbal diarrhea and senseless crap talk intelligent conversation.

In honor of my six months, I dug through the archives, dusted off some of my favorite posts and put the here for you to read and enjoy all over again!

February- my first one! See where it all began

March- I had a hard time choosing between my March posts. I was particularly funny that month, but this one takes the cake because it got the most comments

May- this is my absolute favorite post I've written. I hold it close to my heart and it's essentially my mantra and the entire reason I write this blog.

Have you noticed April is missing? Don't worry, I know how to count. I know it's actually 7 months but April doesn't count in this anniversary blogging because I took the ENTIRE month off. woops. It's not my fault though, there was a volcano in Iceland.

June- a day in the life post, it was fun and different. no pictures though- bear with me.

July- a bridezilla is born... all about my engagement, of course this made the list. duh.

August- the first of many "I'm freaking out over London" posts

Happy six month anniversary Quarterlife Quandary!!! Here is to the next six months!


Elizabeth said...

Your May one is my favorite.

Sean said...

October should be exciting. Great blog!

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