Sunday, August 29

A rare occurrence

A blog post of this nature is quite the rarity here at Quarterlife Quandary so brace yourselves...

I am actually going to relate one blog post to another. *gasp* what did she just say?! Yes, it's true. This is a follow up post. Maybe I'll like this so much that I'll continue on in a string of related posts, making this blog flow seamlessly from one post to the next instead of a random assortment of my rambling tangents...but I doubt it. so don't get too excited.

In any case, I bought new running sneakers today! woo-hoo!!! As I said before, I was going for a minimalist sneaker. I did oodles of research reading reviews, learning about heel to toe ratios, trying different pairs on and I finally found a pair I love. They are the Saucony Kinvaras in Hot Pink. Yes, Hot Pink. I think that might be my favorite part about them.

I learned A LOT today. Here's the Cliffnotes version:

1. Saucony is pronounced SOCK-A-KNEE. I was always pronouncing it SA-CONE-EEEE. I was wrong.
2. Heel to toe ratio is important for minimalist sneakers and the whole barefoot/natural running theme. The smaller the ratio in millimeters between heel height and toe height the better. Anything under 8mm is considered "flat", which means your focus is on the balls of your feet as opposed to your heel striking and that is what you want. These bad boys only have a 4mm difference. Score 1 for me!
3. These shoes cost $100 cheaper than the Newton Trainers I was favoring in the last post. I rule, Newton's drool.
4. They only weigh 6.7 ounces. I chug more beer than that in a single sip. Score 3 for me
5. They are hot pink. *ding! ding! ding!* we have a winner over here folks!

(that is the extent of my modeling...Bryant Park here I come. In other news, how ridiculous am I pairing my LV bag with my workout clothes? I think I was hoping that throwing on some earrings and that bag would compensate for the fact that I hadn't showered and was walking down Newbury Street. woops)

A close up for posterity's sake

I am really excited to lace 'em up and hit the streets...but its 34980283402398 degrees outside right now so I am waiting until the sun goes down (and until my DVR'd episode of Rachel Zoe project is over). I am undecided about how many miles I will try today. Technically speaking, these shoes are drastically different than the ones I've been running on so I don't want to totally kill my legs. I am shooting for three miles so keep your fingers crossed!

I leave you with this picture of me holding my stinky, yucky worn down old sneakers.

Don't be blinded by my beauty. Haters.


Linda said...

Let us know how far you run with the new sneaks. Can you jump high in them too?

Marie said...

I can leap buildings in a single bound

Preppy in Polka Dots said...

Lets be honest--heel to toe ratio!? Blah. Hot pink sneaks?! Hot. I really am envious of your new kicks. And also can't wait for you to walk down Newbury Street in that get up on your way to my new apartment :)

Kori said...

I want running shoes like this BADLY, but I have terribly awful knees, so I would how they would fare on that front...

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