Monday, July 26

Take that Snooki

This blog post is dedicated to Snooki, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and the woman I just saw at the grocery store...

When did we become so lazy as a society? Don't even get me started on our diets, exercise or work ethics either because at that point I'd alienate so many people I'd be more hated than Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush's love child. We all know I'm no stranger to strong fashion opinions...but let's try some more positivity this go-round shall we? Less "leggings suck therefore you suck" and more "loving suggestions and some passive aggressive nudging in the right direction"

Ladies, when did dresses become something reserved for special occasions only? Shoot, Lindsay and Gaga can barely put on pants, let alone an entire dress. WWJD? No No, not What Would Jesus Do? C'mon, even Jesus wore a dress (okay, techinically a robe but all blasphemy aside, even HE wouldn't be caught dead in sandals with socks) But its What Would Jackie Do? as in the head of the holy trinity of timeless style, Jacqueline Kennedy (seated accordingly with Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly of course). Those were the days of fashion. Cashmere cardigans, pearl earrings, belted floral print dresses. We argue about the oppression of women in those days and their philandering husbands and unfair roles but you have to give them credit. Women in those days not only ran a household and took care of their husband and children but did everything while looking fab to boot. No mom jeans for these gals.

Just pause for a minute and pay your respects:

Okay moving onward. I was motivated to write this post by the season 4 premiere of Mad Men. Specifically Betty Draper. Now that is a girl who knows how to dress. (Okay, so technically its the shows wardrobe stylist that knows how to dress, but where is the fun in that?!)

I specifically remember in this episode Betty was going to the bank. THE BANK! The lipstick, the pearls, the scarf. ughhhhhh I die. Last time I was at the bank in the middle of the day, the only accessories I noticed were crocs and hooded sweatshirts. *shudder*

Gosh, I could keep posting pictures of her clothes all. day. long. It's like my version of porn. love love love! Now I could digress into an intense discussion on gender roles, societal expectations, and the female stereotype but where is the fun in that? I simply believe that just because women are equal in the workplace and equal in the household doesn't mean they need to be equal in the closet. And Snooki- this goes for you....less isn't always more. Leave a little something to the imagination and you'll have all the guidos flocking...

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Preppy in Polka Dots said...

I am right with you on this whole topic!!! I wish that the norm was for puffy dresses to be the standard. I wish I could wear Betty Draper dresses all day! Maybe we should just bring back this tradition and pearls with everything--ok maybe I already rock the pearls on the regular but dresses are next!

Also, its not just the clothes--it is the complete polished look. People were just put together and didn't look like complete hot messes all the time!

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