Wednesday, July 14

Dear blog,

Dear blog,

I know. I know. Before you even say anything, I already know. I've been neglectful. Your titles aren't working, I promised you a new layout that I haven't delivered, posting has been sporadic at best. I'm so sorry.

And no, there isn't another blog, so don't even put that thought into your head. You are the only blog I love. Please don't feel alone in this either. I heard that running and my social life have created a support group that meets on Monday nights after Real Housewives. Sometimes my sanity attends the meetings too. They all talk about how much they miss me. They hug, they cry, they emotionally eat giant bowls full of ice cream to mask the pain.

There have been lots of crazy, exciting, stressfully amazing things happening my life lately and I need to remember that YOU are the one I should be leaning on at this time. You always listen to me when I'm upset, you tell me whatever I want to hear and with the beauty of photoshop and editing, you always make me look good. I'm so silly to have abandoned you in such a reckless nature.

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and diamonds are a girl's best friend, what do I present to you to smooth things over?

How about this:

Just kidding. Are you crazy!? I am moving to London in 2 months to start grad school. I can barely afford ramen noodles right now, let alone a new pink macbook pro. But we can dream can't we?

Instead I hope you'll like these:

I love you. Please forgive me.

BFFs 4eva,
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