Sunday, July 25

Laura's Wedding!

There is an old proverb (or a quote from Woody Allen? google says both) that says "If you want to see God laugh, make plans". Laura and John had planned the perfect outdoor summer ceremony in a garden. For the rehearsal, it was sunny, beautiful weather with the sun setting. For the actual wedding day? torrential downpours, as in leave the car at home and just swim to the reception. We started off the afternoon telling Laura, "it's just getting the rain out of its system before your ceremony" followed by "ohhh its just sprinkling, its barely raining" (when actually, I believe at one point I saw Noah pull up and start rebuilding the ark outside)...but by ceremony time it was clear it'd be happening inside.

and you know what, God? I heard you laughing and I thank you for it...because it turned out to be absolutely beautiful!!! I couldn't be happier for Laura and John!

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Linda said...

Okay that mad me cry.

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