Wednesday, May 26

You, my friend, are WRONG

Um no. That's not true.

I can think of MANY things that taste as good as being skinny feels, like cheese for example. ANY cheese. Especially when its mixed into things like cheesecake or macaroni and cheese or cheeseburgers

or chocolate. Chocolate DEFINITELY tastes better than being skinny feels. Just ask any woman who is PMSing and they'll tell you its true.

I think this is so sad. and stupid. and demoralizing for young girls everywhere. Our society has such a screwed up image of what healthy means. The message of this t-shirt screams if you want to be skinny don't eat...that NOT eating is the best feeling in the world because once your skinny all your problems will magically disappear and everything will be perfect. HA! I've lost roughly 40lbs and my size 4 butt has yet to absolve myself of credit card debt, fix the dent in my bumper, or prevent bad hair days.

Whatever happened to balance and moderation? Should we all eat McDonalds every day because it's our given right? certainly not, but why does that so often mean we need to starve ourselves instead? Life is short and you only get one chance at it and unless you plan to be buried in your skinny jeans, you should experience it. Here's a novel idea, eat food and then, wait for it....waaaait for it.....EXERCISE afterwards. Go for a run. Walk the dog. Do some jumping jacks while you watch The Hills (that's my personal favorite) and enjoy life.

Ugh. I don't even know what to say. except I hate this stupid t-shirt and everything it stands for.


Rachel said...

I just shredded for 30 minutes so I could have molten chocolate cake. I think thats fair.

VL said...

My sister had this posted somewhere in her cubicle or in her planner. I saw it and made a list of eight things that tasted better. When Jillian asks us why we are working out, I like to respond "Chick-fil-a, M & Ms, peanut butter."

Yes, Rachel and I are sitting right next to each other.

Linda said...

I like the M & M's. My favorite.

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