Thursday, May 13

Volcanic Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you are supposed to make lemonade...

sooooo when Mother Nature gave the world an Icelandic Volcano (lemon #1), causing airports across Europe to shut down (lemon #2), effectively canceling my trip to see Sean and spend my birthday with him in Paris (LEMON #398409384290348), I had no choice but to make lemonade with all these spoiled rotten plans

I present you my Volcanic Lemonade (also known as: Thank God for Airline Refunds and Travel Insurance or Spending My Blues Away So I'll Stop Emotionally Eating)

Start off with equal parts Retail Therapy:

1 Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket in Vivid Violet

(even better when marinated for several hours in beers with friends)

1 Nintendo Wii complete with Super Mario 3 AND snazzy pink remote The perfect justification to buy something I've always secretly wanted but was waaaay too embarrassed and proud to buy. No I did not get it for the Wii Fit. Maybe one day I will invest in the Wii Fit stuff but really, I got it for the sole purpose of playing Super Mario Brothers and the occasional drunk Wii Bowling game. Plus a pink remote?! pshhhh sign me up!

1 Garmin Forerunn 305. All the hardcore runners have one. Now I have one too. I'm not good at math, but I'm pretty sure in linear equations that makes me a hardcore runner.

mix that together with 1 cup of amazing boyfriend who skipped his last class of his Master's program to fly to Boston and visit

add a dash of getting dressed up and splurging on amazing French champagne and best cheese plate in the city to make up for the missed meals in Paris

Stir ingredients all together until feelings of bitterness and resentment dissolve. Perfect for any occasion, particularly when having a tremendous pity party for ones self. Served best ice cold. with vodka. and lots of it.


*Disclaimer: All of these items were purchased over a series of weeks (okay, days) with money that had been fully refunded from the various airlines and hotels reserved for the 10 day European vacation I had been saving up months for. I do not regularly go on gigantic spending sprees like this. Usually, I can be found on my couch most nights watching trashy television and facebook stalking. No children or animals were harmed in this making of this. Professional at work. Do not attempt at home.

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Preppy in Polka Dots said...

2 blogs in one day?! I can't handle it really? haha.

I love all your new purchases -- 1. I can't wait to come over and play Wii. 2. I am happy that you are now classified as a hardcore runner. I am very impressed!!

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