Wednesday, May 19

Gucci and Garmin

When I first told Sean I wanted to buy a Garmin, he scoffed at the price tag and said "its just an accessory runners like"

ha! just an accessory? There's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. Are patent leather mary-jane Manolos just an accessory? Is my beloved Louis V. just an accesory? I think not.

While I am a card carrying member of the "accessories make an outfit" club (and yes, that includes running outfits), I sadly realize that my turqouise bangle and ballet flats don't cut it on a 5 mile run. Welcome, running accessories! Since running and I are getting hot-n-heavy as of late, I felt it was time to step up and show some signs of committment...really, it is a win-win scenario. A whole new world of accessories and shopping as been placed before me, and I can totally justify them because "I need them to run". But I must say, while I understand running is much more function over fashion, couldn't they make these things a BIT snazzier?

Like the Garmin for instance. Garmin- I've only used you a handful of times so far, but already we are soulmates. I love you. I need you. I cannot run without you...and yet, you are so damn ugly.

Nevermind the fact that it only comes in one style and color, could it BE any bigger?! I forgot it was on my wrist and almost knocked myself unconscious while trying to fix my headband. Garmin, perhaps you could take a cue from Mr. Karl Lagerfeld?
the stainless steel band says "I'm ready for anything" while the subtle diamond accents add a touch of class.

Moving onto the next problem- running belts. There are lots of different types. Ones with 50 million kiddie sized water bottles, ones for keys, ones for ipods. I am currently rocking the ever prestigious "Sean's second hand belt that was found in his brother's attic". I know, you are jealous.

Ugly as this thing may be, I have to admit, it's pretty darn handy. It holds my ipod, house keys, some money, and id. The belt is wide enough that it stays put and doesn't bounce around or ride up. I actually secretly love it (shhhh don't tell anyone) But for argument's sake, how fabulous would it be to jog about town in this little number instead:

*sigh* a girl can dream. Until then, I will have to settle in with all the routine running stuff out there...don't want all the hardcore running kids to make fun of me on the playground. But you can be guaranteed I WILL sneak a running skirt in there at some point.

and one last running substitution that I deem necessary in my life. How amazing would it be if after my next long run, instead of looking like a sweaty beast with crazy eyes a la Ramona from Real Housewives of New York

I was like this:

Just kidding about the last bit. Victoria Secret supermodel Marisa Miller ain't got nothin' on me



Rachel said...

That's a fanny pack, not a running belt. :)

I kid. I have one too. Please don't wear a running skirt.

Marie said...

haha I wrote the running skirt part ESPECIALLY for you. The first time I wear one, I am going to write an entire post about it AND dedicate it to you oh dear running guru!

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