Sunday, December 12

A Cupcake Confession

I am currently nursing a bitchin' hangover.

The kind of hangover that makes you feel dirty and wrong and ashamed of yourself.

The kind of hangover that leaves you whimpering and calling out for the sweet release only death can bring.

The type that causes you to fall in the airport in front of everyone because putting one foot in front of the other was beyond your realm of capabilities at 9 am this morning. (Yep. I ate it. hard. kissed the pavement. I then proceeded to laugh hysterically like a crazy person about it. In my defense, I think I was still drunk)

I really wanted to write a long post about my marathon training and the potential implications of my current knee pain, but there is no bragging about mileage today. There was no mileage today. or yesterday. or the day before that. Instead I ate cupcakes and drank Guinness. lots of it.

(you know what they say, when in Rome...I mean, it's Dublin. It's practically water there. I really didn't have any other choice)

I'd love to stay and chat, but I accidentally just watched a vodka commercial and I think I might just curl up and die right here and now. I'd also really like to provide you with some pictures to accompany how I'm feeling, but trust me, no one wants to see this hot mess. Sean keeps telling me that I look "really good, considering..." and then he trails off. That's the equivalent of telling a girl she has a "nice personality". I get it dude, I get it. I smell like a hooker whose been hanging around the smoking section of a truck stop in the bad part of town.

So here, stare at the cupcakes instead.

aren't they pretty?

I'll be back tomorrow. Unless I'm at the Betty Ford clinic. or McDonalds. or dead.


Anne Taite said...

Where are those cupcakes from? (Please don't say Dublin, Please don't say Dublin -will break my heart.) Mopping up my drool now.

VL said...

Yeah. I'm confused. I didn't eat cupcakes in Dublin.

Marie said...

Sorry Anne- they ARE from Dublin! And they were fanfreakingtastic! Don't worry ladies- I was sure to eat enough for you, I took in enough calories for everyone!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Oh they're beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

This reminds me of my day trip with Becca to Vegas that left us both hugging the toilet in the bathroom of the airport going back to LA. Did you forget that you're not at FSU anymore, because that happens to me all the time. The next day I repeat to myself over and over again "I am not at FSU anymore, no more drinking like that"... until the next time and then you hear me say the same thing all over again.

Linda said...

The saying goes...You play you pay.....LOL!!! I want the cupcakes!!!!!

Funny Elizabeth about not being at FSU!!!!!

Kat said...

1. Betty Ford is Our Spa.

2. Those Cupcakes are heartbreakingly gorgeous.

3. Dublin is for living, not running. Gold star for you.

Jess said...

Girlfriend....get thee back to a bar and have a Bloody Mary, STAT. It's your only hope. And the spicier the quicker the relief.

Lovely cup o cakes!

Stefanie said...

I don't even remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I love it.

I've had my share of dreaded hangovers before.

For me, they usually linger for a few days. So good luck! My advice to you? Eat more cupcakes and hide under your blankets for an [at least] an entire day. Works for me.

Rachel Wilkerson said...

Posts like this are why I'm so glad I found your blog!

I've found that as I get older, hangovers are worse and last longer. I don't bounce back like I did in college.

Hope you're feeling better today!!

Kaley said...

Who could blame you? Was it worth it? I would say so.

I always judge a hangover by that measure.

Anonymous said...

In our house we call this feeling "deathy" in "sorry I didn't respond to the text message you sent at 6pm, I was still too deathy."

It's a sign of a night (and maybe early morning) well played. Chinese food, if you can get it, STAT. My personal cure is veggie lo mein, although I haven't found any good Chinese food since moving to LA (despite it being closer to China and all).

Kendra said...

Oh man, that's one of those morning where all I want are eggs, orange juice, and Ibuprofen.

I rarely get hangovers but when I do, they are a bitch.

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