Tuesday, December 21

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things!

When the dog bites

(I know, very vicious looking isn't he? Be afraid, be very afraid)

When the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel soooooooo baaaaaaaaad.

I know The Sound of Music isn't your typical Christmas melody, but the message behind the music does ring true to the holiday spirit. I've always been a Christmas fanatic...before I was even born, I was jammin' out to Mariah and sippin' on some second hand egg nog.

(see me in there? God I was cute, even as a fetus)

I've never been one to shy away from making my wish list for Santa either (what? You don't send a list to the North Pole when you're 26? pshhhhh). Although my presents have certainly changed over the years

a New Kids tape, rosary, Bible, and 2 pairs of Spandex?!? Now that is the makings of a goooood time. I was only 7 when I wrote that, but apparently I was a bad ass even then. Is it too late to change my list for this year? I'd freaking love to rock out to some NKOTB on Christmas morning....

Merry Christmas to you Joey McIntyre and your sweet, sweet early 90's hair.

But this holiday season, this one is different. Sean and I are not exchanging gifts this year. London is like a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills high class hooker using us as her personal ATM machine, so the trip home was gift enough. But it's about more than gifts. Maybe because I'm engaged and sharing it with someone, perhaps it's because moving to London has made me appreciate being home so much more. Lord knows Sean and I are struggling right now, so the time among family was necessary...but in any regard, this Christmas is special.

We may not have a lot of money, we may not have jobs or babies or a house we call a home...but we have a lot and for that, I am incredibly grateful. I am full of warm and fuzzies this week. This trip has made me stop and appreciate all the little things in my life. Don't get me wrong, I still hope this little baby is under the tree

(I've been a very good girl this year Santa. I promise! I only used the f word on my blog once)

but beyond that, I've realized there are so many more important things to this holiday season than maxing out your credit card and bordering on attempted murder in the mall parking lot.

Some of my favorite things this Christmas?


no surprise here. I love beer. dark, light, hoppy, yeasty (yes, yeasty)...bring it on. Especially after a day of skiing.


just kidding. Who would list running as their favorite thing?! I haven't even mentioned dessert yet. I should be more specific.

I love how strong I feel after conquering a long run

and that tired sense of satisfaction in knowing I've accomplished a personal goal

and how its allowed me to eat pretty much whatever I want for 3 months and still fit in my New Years Eve dress

my family. present and future.


of all kinds.

mostly of the chocolate variety.

Seriously though, take a minute and think about this...what other holiday combines drinking, eating, and getting presents? Sure sure, your birthday does, but that's just for you. This is for EVERYONE. It's like a multinational, cross-cultural, equal opportunity to slap on an ugly Christmas sweater and bounce around your parent's house like a 5 year old on a sugar-cookie-laced-with-rum-spiked-egg-nog craze (not that I condone 5 year olds drinking rum. They should wait until their at least 15 for that stuff)

We are in the final stretch of the holiday season. I hope you take these next 4 days to spread some Christmas cheer. and by "spread Christmas cheer" I mean drink too much red wine with your favorite Aunt and eat an extra gingerbread cookie, because let's be real....Santa's belly was a bowl full of jelly, not spinach smoothies.


Jennifer said...

great post!

Jess said...

I resonate with every statement in this post. Oh and I need that watch. Can we be twinsies? Thanks!

Kaley said...

I totally agree. Being home is like none other. My relationship has been a bit strained by me being abroad, so I can only imagine how BOTH people being expats would be! I wish you good luck.

How long will you be in London? Just this year?

Kat said...

I totally run to validate the amount of feasting that I do.

It's wonderful that you had such a wonderful trip home, and Lord knows we all appreciate the fetus-snap and the 7 year old Christmas List. It just doesn't get better than that, really.

Preppy in Polka Dots said...

That christmas list is ultimately the best thing I have ever seen....especially the rosary and bible. What a good little catholic school girl you were. Ultimately that is what my christmas lists looked like sans the bible.

You must be so excited to finally wear the ball dress!! Now I just need to find one!!

Preppy in Polka Dots said...

Also...."My favorite things" is probably one of my favorite songs ever!

FitFoodie said...

Awesome post! Enjoy being engaged! I just got married & it flies by SO fast.

Another thing...how can you run when it's so cold? I live in Florida and am such a WIMP, haha. If it's below 50 I stay inside, yikes.

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