Monday, October 18

A tour of da hood, yo.

Since the tour of our flat got such an overwhelming number of hits (you creepers), I thought I'd continue the trend with a tour of our neighborhood.

Let me preface this by saying that Sean and I picked this neighborhood out over the internet (and by Sean and I, I mean I picked it out. and told Sean I'd like to live there. isn't love grand?) I did copious amounts of research on neighborhood demographics, property values, best schools by standardized test scores...just kidding. Who do you think I am? Florence Henderson? I believe my google search was something akin to "best neighborhood in London for twentysomethings". You know what? It worked. Turns out our neighborhood has more young professionals per square mile than any other part of the city. At first I thought this was fantastic. Now I realize it actually means longer lines on the subway in the morning and more people clamoring to the bar during happy hour at night, and yet I take a certain satisfaction and comfort in it all. Perhaps because I recognize that gleam in their eyes, of a young professional on the edge of greatness. or maybe it's because there are a lot of Australians and I totally dig their accents. It's one or the other.

Nonetheless, our neighborhood is great and we absolutely love it! It is just right for us. We have yet to experience neighborhood envy. You know, that feeling you get when you go into someone else's neighborhood and wish you lived there instead? and then go home in shame to your own place, cursing the once "charming, antique flooring" for what it really is: giant gaping holes in your poorly installed hardwood? We don't feel that. nope. nope we don't. not at all. (Wellllll maybe a little bit in Notting Hill. But who wouldn't in that neighborhood?!)

So please, come and knock on our door. We've been waiting for you...where the kisses are hers and hers and his...three's company too. (it wasn't until this very moment, when I googled these lyrics, did I realize how wrong and slightly inappropriate that song is). Let's just look at the pictures shall we?

We're dying to try this place, we love a good margarita

oh! oh! and this place has the most amazing french fries with garlic aoili dip

I can't forget about San Marco. I want to move in here and call it home. They have a lunch menu that is such an amazing deal. 2 courses PLUS wine (because who doesn't love a good glass of wine with lunch) for £8! I'm telling you, these Europeans know how to do lunch right. On our first day in our new 'hood, we spent a glorious 2 hours here just eating, talking, and relaxing. We swore we'd walk out onto the streets of Italy when we finished.

Hmmmm, now that I think about it, I sense a pattern emerging here...

what ever could it be??? Hey, young professionals need to eat. (and stay hydrated)

Don't worry. There is more to our neck of the woods than that. For instance, I think this sign is fan-freaking-tastic

you can't tell me that sign isn't funny. It's so passive aggressive while being simultaneously adorable and hilarious. kind of like British people's sense of humor.

I love that whenever I walk out of my front door, I remember instantly that I'm in London. Things like mailboxes and street signs and public transportation still excite me.

We also have a huge park at the end of our street that has become my new running path. It's beautiful and huge and has far fewer bum fights than Boston Common.

So there you have it...a snapshot of our neighborhood. Well, really like 50 snapshots of our new neighborhood. ha. I hope you enjoyed your tour. These photos took insanely long to upload. Thank God for our amazing 13" TV and its 4 channels we get. I spent the hour and a half its taken to organize these photos watching chicken races, a special on lawnmowers and an episode of Friends from 1995.

Be jealous. Be very very jealous.

EDIT: Updated at 10:47pm UK time a.k.a 5 minutes after I posted the original entry. I KNEW the leggings comment would come up. I firmly stand by my leggings are NOT pants post. With that being said, I am terribly impressionable and do not do well under peer pressure. I also currently have no friends in my new 'hood and would really like think of me like an aborigine or an anthropologist attempting to blend in with my surroundings. Plus, although I don't particularly want you spending an excessive amount of time staring at my butt, you will notice it is completely covered by both a shirt and giant bulky sweater. Thankyouverymuch.

With love,
your editor-in-chief, sole author, talent and bull-shit extraordinaire Marie


Jennifer said...

Are those leggings as pants???????????????

The Thibault Fam said...

gorgeous!! makes me want to take a trip to london!

Sean said...

Although I did have neighborhood envy when we went to Kensington. (For everyone back home in Boston: Kensington calls Beacon hill in Boston when it wants to go slumming or when its drunk but regrets it later. Kensington get stuck buying drinks for Comm Ave every time they hang out.) But who wouldn’t be envious/ jealous there? I’m happy with our place.
Great post!

courtney said...

I was wondering the same ...

Also, Friends from 1995 is pretty awesome. Don't hate.

courtney said...

about leggings that is!

courtney said...

lol - just read the update. Gotcha - the outfit is cute either way!

Marie said...

hahahaha thanks Courtney! :)

Preppy in Polka Dots said...

ohhhh I love it!!! I want to come visit so badly!!!!

Sean -- you are so right about Kensington! Haha I love it that is the neighborhood Laura and I stayed in!!

Also, I am glad that you posted the addendum but I don't think that wearing leggings is going to make you friends. I mean really do you want friends that would only be friends with you because you wear leggings?

<3 you!

Darragh said...


I love the new-look site. And your pics are great. Glad you like Clapham. The pictures are so nostalgic. I used to go out drinking at Cafe Sol after they cleared the tables away. And used to eat in Gourmet Burger.

I miss London now!



Anonymous said...

hahahaha I actually leaned in to look at that picture and thought "are those LEGGINGS?!" I love you

Kat said...

What a gorgeous neighborhood! It sure puts my place in suburbia to shame!

Sometimes it's just easier to go with the flow than to fight it - way to rock the leggings, lady!

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