Tuesday, October 19

My Pages

Hey! look to your right....see all those neat little pages over there? About Me, Traveling, Running + Races, and Lost in Translation?

You should go check them out. Right now, please. I'll wait here...

are you back yet? What'd you think? Any questions? comments? concerns? stock tips that will make me an overnight millionaire?got a free pair of black, Mary Jane Manolos for me? No? Okay then. Well thanks for checking the pages, be sure to tell your friends, your family, and your friend's mom's 2nd cousin Joey (the crazy one) all about them.

* aaaaaaand end shameless self promotion now*


Caitlin said...

I know who has a pair of Mary Jane Manolos.

Her name starts with a C and ryhmes with "Tadshaw" and she lives in the Upper East Side in NYC.

Want to meet me there and raid her closet?

Caitlin said...

ALso? V. impressed with the Lost in Translation section. I'm planning my trip to London...as soon as I get a passport.

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