Tuesday, April 12

Welcome Back!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Errrrrrr, not sure what happened with my header? Apologies. Please close your eyes and picture me while you read. In case you forget, I look just like Marissa Miller.

Greetings from the beyond the computer! How's it hangin?

If this were happening in real life, I would run into a busy Starbucks to meet you, dump a nip (or two) of Bailey's into my coffee, and launch into an exhausting diatribe of what I've been up to for the past month. By the time I finish an hour later, you'd be bored and I'd be drunk. And no one wants that. (Well, maybe I do)

Instead I'll give you the Cliffs Notes version of my life in the past month:
  • still engaged. still wedding planning. post coming on that later this week
  • didn't kill anyone in my Grad program during finals. (small miracle)
  • I yelled at some guy on the T yesterday. 1 week back in Boston and I'm already a Masshole again.
  • cried tears of joy while grocery shopping at Trader Joe's for the first time in a year, which was quickly followed by tears of sadness as I finished my trip at Whole Foods and kissed my new American dollars goodbye.
  • started working. Hello, productivity! Being a contributing member of society sure does look good on you!
I've got a list of things I want to chat about, but all in good time. I also need to make some major cosmetic changes to the blog. I'm in conversations about it with my blog designing duo of RV Designs who have done my layouts in the past, but it will take some time. Rachel's kind of busy having a baby and Victoria's determined that I need to switch my entire blog from Blogger to Wordpress because as she says, "I'm Big League". (Although my bank account and Google Analytics beg to differ.)

The thought of going self-hosted and switching platforms makes me break out in hives. What if Wordpress loses all my old posts? What if I lose followers (all 7 of them)? What if it doesn't let me type in random, fragmented sentences? WHAT IF IT DOESN'T LIKE CHOCOLATE AND TEQUILA?!

Oh God. I'm hyperventilating.

HELPPPPP! Have you made the switch? Does your new platform accept your love for whining and wine?

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