Friday, February 12

Leavin on a Jet Plane

There is no better feeling in the entire world than a Friday afternoon. It reminds me of being a little kid, staring at the clock til the last school bell rang and racing home knowing you have an entire weekend of freedom ahead of you. (maybe, thats why I chose to be a teacher? I get to live out that feeling every Friday?)

But this Friday is different, it's not only a weekend of freedom, its an entire week! and what a big week it will be!

I am currently blogging from the Sports Bar at Logan Airport awaiting my flight to Dublin! Gotta love my priorities. Check-in, security, bathroom, beer.

and I don't think any beer tastes quite so delicious as a well-earned one the first hour of your vacation. I will be paying twice what its worth, but at this point, I'd fork over my life savings.

Stay tuned as the trip continues! I've got a longgggggg night ahead of me (layover in Philly followed by overnight flight to Dublin)

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